Aging primarily publishes papers of outstanding significance, exceptional novelty, and ground-breaking discoveries in all disciplines from yeast to humans and from evolution to medicine. Aging covers (in addition to traditional topics on aging) many other topics including cellular and molecular biology (regulation of translation, cell growth, death and autophagy, mitochondria, DNA damage and repair, microRNAs, stem cells), human age-related diseases, pathology in model organisms, cancer and first of all signal transduction pathways (p53, sirtuins, PI-3K/AKT/mTOR and so on) and approaches to modulate these signaling pathways. AGING welcomes scientists in all disciplines, not only those in traditional gerontology.


An exponential increase in scientific knowledge and in the complexity of the field calls for a High-Impact Journal focused on therapeutic strategies, oncogenes, oncoproteins, tumor suppressors, signal transduction pathways, translation from basic research to therapy and shared targets in atherosclerosis, cancer, benign tumors, neurodegeneration, infectious, metabolic and other diseases. Oncotarget publishes papers of outstanding significance and exceptional novelty in all disciplines from basic research to clinical applications. In 2010, Oncotarget also publishes regular research articles


Impact Journals, under supervision of Oncotarget's Editors and Editorial Board now launches Oncoscience, a new peer-reviewed journal, on all topics in cancer research. The main criteria for publication in Oncoscience is high-quality design and execution of the study, high-quality results and clear conclusions supported by the data.

Genes & Cancer

Genes & Cancer publishes original studies and reviews that are relevant to all aspects of cancer research, signal transduction, and developmental biology. The journal's vision is to be able to provide a forum in which scientists can not only publish original manuscripts but also discuss the impact of such findings in specialized reviews and review issues.